Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Favorite Read and Follow

One of my favorite bloggers is Motherhood, WTF? If you've never heard of her then get out from under that rock and follow the lady!

She's the reason I check Facebook everyday. Hilarious! ...and honest!

Love her post today about sending her first born off to school. I'm dreading the day, myself.

Worth a read. Enjoy!

What I Wish He Knew

My Blackberry Love Affair and the Reset Button

Today I learned a very hard lesson. I didn't back-up my electronic files. It's ugly! It's like losing memories in a fire. You have to go digging through the ashes to find the odd photo or video.

I have a very serious Blackberry addiction. Well, it's more like a Blackberry love affair.

M gave me a Blackberry Playbook for Christmas last year. I opened the pretty blue and black box and fell in love. Like, serious love! I took it everywhere with me. Took photos - LOVELY photos! Watched movies and tv shows - in HD! Played games and showed the boy how to color on the screen.

After a few months, it became big and cumbersome so I bought a Blackberry Curve to bridge with my Playbook so that I'm never without one or the other - or both.

Blackberry is my life line to the outside world and current events. Blackberry is my entertainment. Blackberry is my memory keepers. Blackberry is my secret keeper.

Yesterday I organized my Playbook by backing up some photos and re-arranging some bookmarks. Today, when I re-started the Playbook, it just sat there like the lazy raccoon that sleeps all day and night in the tree in my backyard. I was devastated. Almost cried, actually. 

What about the files I didn't back up? The boy's first steps video is in there! So is his first giggle! Such lovely memories that I don't want to lose.

After hours of TLC, M manually backed-up most of the photos and videos. Now, I am faced with re-setting my Playbook to factory settings.

I'm heartbroken.

I have to start our relationship all over again. I have to re-establish our boundaries. I have to install new apps and save new bookmarks. And I'm a bookmark junkie. I can't believe that my Playbook let me down like this! :(  Factory settings are so dull and cold. 

I've opened a Shutterfly and DropBox account so that I can just dump photos and documents and other loving memories. I'm also considering hacking Project Life and creating my own version. It's a great alternative to Scrap Booking (which, let's face it, is really for mothers who have nannies or who are insomniacs) and it's prettier than journaling. It's ambitious but I want to be able to physically hand The Boy his 'life story' one day.

My life story, however, belongs on the damn Blackberry. :(

Lesson learned, Universe....lesson learned.