Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Something That's Really Nothing

So turns out, I'm a completely unmotivated blogger. And mother.

I actually Googled  "How To Organize Your Life" but only got a list of cleaning tips. Because there's nothing an unmotivated person needs more than cleaning tips. Let's try Pinterest. Better but still a collection of boards with inspirational quotes and 'healthy habits'.

Being a mom is a job and a half most days. It takes a village the other days. I'm a single mom with almost zero free-time. And even the free time isn't actually "free" time. It's time to have a shower, catch up on dishes and maybe have a nap. Right now, I'm sitting next to my son as he quietly looks at the pictures in his favorite book. This is almost as rare as me peeing alone.

My house is a mess 24/7. Organize to me means putting the boy's toys into a bucket or tossing them under the couch. It means rinsing the dishes in the sink so it looks like a stack of clean-ish dishes. I don't make beds. What do I do? I change diapers. I make meals and snacks for the boy. I shop for meals and snacks for the boy. I clean the boy. I take the boy outside to play. I make sure the boy has clean clothes. I entertain the boy. I put the boy to bed and I wake him up. I wipe boogers. Clean up barf. And I procrastinate potty training.

I really do need to organize my life. I need to pick a job and stick to it. I need to organize my house to make cleaning easy and feel like I'm cheating at housecleaning. And I need to eat something other than chocolate milk and omelets.

I'm writing a blog about something that's really nothing. Just to write and get the motivated ball rolling. I hope to see you on the Twitter or the Pinterest. I need to get out of my pajamas and in to the social network of mommy bloggers. It's likely where I'll find the motivation I'm looking for. Maybe even some inspiration.

Let's make a mommy-blogger out of me yet. Now off I go to deal with these wretched cramps! {sigh}


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