Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best Hiding Places for Mommy's Post-Easter Chocolate Stash

Easter's over. That means that you can find over-flowing bargain bins of broken solid chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs in net wrapping twisted up with other net wrapping. Time for the annual chocolate stock-up.

One problem, how do you keep it away from your moochie kids? Or how do you hide it from a husband who says "I don't really like chocolate that much" but eats it all anyway because he wanted something to 'snack on'?

And how do you hide it well enough so that you forget about some of it and still have a surprise treat come <strike>May</strike> July.

1. Tampon Box - I suppose one day, the toddlers might get curious and dump the contents of your bathroom cabinet all over the hallway. But for now, this spot is great. PMS'ing with chocolate craze-vings? No problem. I don't know why they don't sell these items together anyway.

2. Empty Frozen Spinach Box - If you have weirdos in your house who open the fridge/freezer foraging for after-dinner treats and look at a box of spinach and go "ooh! Spinach. yummm!". Then forget about using this hiding spot.

3. In Plain Site - Sometimes when people are so used to looking at things a certain way, they don't even notice when you throw something new in to the mix. Try this: place a few single chocolate eggs in the fruit basket and the egg shelf in the fridge. How long does it take your family to notice?

4. In Your Wedding VHS Container - You sold your VHS player in the garage sale for 50 cents. Since there's no way to play the video, you might as well toss the video in your junk drawer (not a reflection of your marriage) and use the case for secret-stash storage.

5. In Your Favorite Pair of Heels - Because the last time you wore these they ripped your feet to shreds and you almost broke your collar-bone trying to climb out of the passenger side of an SUV after a few too many glasses of wine at hubby's work Christmas party. They are pretty but it's time to upcycle those chocolate storage.

And that, my friends, is how to stash your chocolate. Without guilt and a dash of shame. Happy post-easter chocolate binging!


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